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Swinging back and forth by the over-protecting hands, are the
cradles occupied by those with screaming glands, they’re sparing
the rod and constantly giving into demands, welcoming a being
into a society unprepared for such commands, making every safe
community unaware and endangered fans. Rejection is the recipe
for these unpredictable reactions unplanned, not aiming for
anyone specific but always the actions are grand, empathy a never
in seek, anger is the only emotion to stand, out of control seeds
are all growing in their selfish lands, regrets start to sprout
amongst families breaking clans, but it’s always after time has
expired and there’s no more pouring sand, caring attempts to reset
only begins to put more fire under pan, stirring this pressure
during boil leaves unsuccessful tasting painfully bland, rebellion
begins drinking every late arriving challenge like fuel in emergency
can, the rising structure causes the adolescent to become more
creative leaving the parents damned, punishment is viewed as an
alien approach that they aren’t even interested in trying to
understand, they hear no and immediately think unfair treatment
labeling these words their brand, if they are summoned to take
responsibility by force for their actions they plot during time’s
span, Manipulating those unfamiliar with them using others and
eventually leave home to officially expand, Liking to cause trouble
they seek destruction gaining innocent victims then slip away
through cracking sand, it begins with lies, and games during youth

then by adult it grows thicker and turns into a thrill seeking habit
that they must slam, pretending associates are friends when no
one else exists in mind a one man band, discarding humans and
destroying any and all in path they no longer wish to withstand.


Author: POETTA90

I am a business owner, writer an animal lover. I enjoy making other people happy by giving back to the community any way possible. I love intellectual conversation and meeting new people. Dont be shy im here to talk if you need a friend! Thanks for visiting my site !

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