I let my brain rain on a page so my thoughts can be replayed, right hand dance the led away between these lines i feel no pain, whiteout no pink erase, sharpie tongue lyrics engraved, lies paint a pretty picture when the truth ain’t on display, the volume ain’t too honest when the bass gets … Continue reading “LYRICS TO MYSELF”


You’ll always catch us dancing together up high like circus acrobats but don’t let us fool you, we know very well what we do better known as diplomats although we are all different shades we fight the same fight , our unity comes out of nowhere like masks, individually we all play our role given … Continue reading “DE COLORES”


If you could close a ringing phone maybe the answer would be home , if you could open under a floor maybe the stand would be a soar, if you could wake the sleeping dead maybe sleep would be life unfed, if you could make the money free maybe free would create the fee , … Continue reading “CHOOZE”


Change requires progress… Progress requires movement… Movement requires motion… Motion requires devotion… Devotion requires commitment… Commitment requires a task… The task comes with responsibility… Responsibility comes with accountability… Accountability resolves liability… Which is the modification of- True ability… Confirmation; A Number of factors remind accessibility… By: iretta hightower     11/05/2020


Legs in position open like hall Waiting in tremble for nerves to fall Near the entrance stiff like doll Traveling slowly but standing tall As lips touch over tongues in brawl It’s shopping like cart in mall Filled with pleasures carrying ball The pocketbook is ready for all Both get ready to make first call … Continue reading “ENTERCOURSE”


Poor little black boy he’s the victim’s son, His father lays dead under the misters gun, He doesn’t know rather to cry or run, The entire neighborhood watches in stun. He saw the whole scene so his mind is numb, The suspect in the crime he trust, Drives away in a police car uncuffed, His … Continue reading “CRIMES OF COPS”


Dear Lucy,   When we first met you were acute hair in bun, in pajamas on the bed injured couldn’t run, so i tried to help your pain to make it numb, you were ready to heal by taking one, so motivated and determined to get it done, but after that first week we had some … Continue reading “CAPSULED LUST”


Fingers tap on the shoulders keys Can I steal you for a moment please? In sign language knuckles are begging please! No answer given by pressure at ease Hands will forever wait without a feed The silence breaks allowing force to lead The fingers attack with muscles in need Dancing all over suffocating with greed … Continue reading “BEARING ARMS ELITE”


Allegedly Allegedly number one is meant to be, Why does that number signify eligibility, What if my destination ends at three Every soul created is intended to be unique In my eyes number one i may view as obsolete Odd numbers making me feel so incomplete, Because on as a whole is combined with each, … Continue reading “ALLEGEDLY”


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