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Don’t swim in my drown, Don’t juggle with my clown,

Do dream to my sound, Don’t push my around

Don’t stand on my down, Don’t come with go

Don’t leave my alone, Do vibe with my clone

Don’t cancel my zone, Don’t dig up my bone

Do blink to my wink, Don’t rob all my think

Don’t bleep with my sync, Don’t ate all my eat

Don’t down my up, Do cheer to my cup

Don’t jump on my bump, Don’t add to my funk

Do rattle my stuck, Don’t pit to my pat

Don’t rat to my tat, Don’t add this to my that

Don’t skim off my fat, Do rise to my clap!




Normal in her relation is quickly sinking ship,

She’s Starring into the mirror wiping another bloody lip,

Wondering if this is honestly the last time she will be hit,

How many more times will she have to call in sick?

Every man that she’s ever chosen turned out to be an abusive pick,

He says that he loves her and showers her with gifts,

All these material things to justify his every hit,

The ring on her finger says that she must stay,

The kids don’t deserve her family broken away,

Her mother took the abuse so she’s thinking she should do the same,

Besides, she provoked him. It’s only right she wears the blame,

One day it will get better, for her He will change,

she’ll just buy extra makeup to conceal all of his shame,

Her friends don’t understand they’re just judging him by all her pain,

They only see his flaws but are never there after the rain,

Yes the ball is heavy but the lost girl inside her loves wearing his chains,



Arriving at sudden she’s incapable of having good time, The unwanted Miss Dementia waves at the doctor from an x-ray displaying the mind, Answering every unknown question about the patient struggling to rewind, she’s a vicious disease who’s destroying the memories of our elderly human kind, by living inside their brain slowly eating away cells causing health to decline, confusion begins to visit bringing down the normal in behavior as prior self gets left behind, Independence becomes a problem once all knowledge concerning safety turns forget into resign, close loved ones must assist after learning dementia’s evil never will subside, emotions brewing with unsteady try to keep their tear filled cups from spilling in tide, while giving care they are forced to face reality after experiencing that first greet of unrecognized, this official meet proves that dementia exists without pride, her unpredictable actions  internally destroying every witness of her victims demise, Lurking between the waves riding every attempt at normal in disguise, bringing knowledge and wisdom into a battle unable to even beat their own compromise, rapidly changing thoughts in the midst of already confused leaving choice without confide, caregivers are left with the task of seeking out the patients true feelings in hide, frustration builds a roller coaster around the situation as patience tries not to divide, tension is a heavy burden carried by everyone’s love assisting by preventing ultimates collide, enough help becomes a goal that impossible marries with forever denied,  

Mental Arrest


Stress ringing like an alarm with bell

All of our lives problems some more will yell

How do we continue a forced smile with hell

Eventually all my bags and facial lines will tell

When you ate the eat for lunch, but your brunch won’t bite down and crunch, making your bucks spend all your luck, now your bucks can’t afford any ducks, without the ducks you no longer have the row, leaving your uh even less than the oh!, and the uh with no row drops down real low, now your low is too deep to go, there’s no go so your stuck thinking where, you’re here but here is not there, just making the thought of there feel so unfair, the unfair and you are now paired, this pair makes you pull out your hair, without hair it makes everyone stare, they stare thinking your nuts and don’t care, but you care, their just not aware, aware of everything they don’t know, they don’t know because they’re judging by show, and the show can’t possibly reveal all the lost, the lost is your entire life’s cost, the cost led you to all this exhaust, the exhaust seems to never press pause, and when pause finally pushes in play, the play only comes when you sleep, so the pause is a short living treat, and the treat is just physical need, the need doesn’t last very long, the long is over when your woke, when your woke it’s all over again, again is the stress growing more, the more you have nowhere to store, so your store is just filled with more tough, the tough just turns into rough, then rough just leaves and your stuck with enough, then enough never goes away, because away for enough equals stay, then stay in turn leads to this, and this is just stress in a list, the list just continues to grow, the grow leads you to finally say so, so turns til it runs out, the out means its on E, and E leads to letter N, and letter N finishes with letter D, CREATING THE FINAL E.N.D…….


The truth lies down until creative stories end,

Even denial meets the rushing river at it’s bend, 

Help can only occur in the form of AMEN,

Wants can’t redeem without faith as best friend, 

To offer the shoulder of inspiration from motivational hand, 

Life without deletion always being a never in his plan, 

Tall is the reach giving opportunity a stand,

Crawling forever in fear only gives more power to the sinking sand,

Since playing solo provides more room for the instrument to band, 

This short walk requires alone for dreams to have successful attend,

Goals don’t drive automatically they require our manual shift up from pretend, 

Orally wishing up a fantasy without verbal action substitutes all begin, 

Excuses are only meant for having conversations with the blowing wind, 

Falling down five steps should only bring out the urge to climb ten,

Mirrors only wave to the current so present new outlooks from formerly then,

Wants are childish fairytales dream chasers acquire needs for grown women and men, 

Hard work and play is not the recipe for making pleasure the win,

Structure maintaining balance within,

Removing the right piece will forever protect straight paths from gaining curve as a trend,

Receiving limited chances before Jenga brings end.

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