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Leave all your inside out, while taking all your downside up, bring all your upside in, so that your outside can reflect all that’s within. Standing on your hands doesn’t make the surrounding new, but everything is not the same now that you see the truth, uncovering all the paint reveals the holes in roof, because letting in the rain you’ll find the drowning proof, reality always in play the lies create the snooze, awaking all the tame when the unplugged wires loose, borrow a neighbors pair to find all the why in shoe, maybe your judgement that they wear doesn’t require suit, searching for the wear but can’t find the matching boot, all the while your preconceptions aim is an expired shoot, now that you’ve walked their mile you understand their route, everything in negative sight has now won a positive outcome after pursuit, those bad actions had good intentions hard times provoked every ensue, definitions are for words like actions and not the mirrors true, if that were fact merriam webster would contain inside her characteristics nude, but not even a picture lays within its own define as tool, imagine if every human body broke once the didn’t abide by rule, there would be no purpose in existence or to learn in school, disobedience without attention eliminates needed help in learning for a fool, leading all to believe bad behavior is accepted and it’s cool, punishment wouldn’t exist and every evil monster would be free to exercise the habit of being cruel, see the bad guys are needed to set examples for those watching sitting upon stool, the outcome serving healthy tips for every newborn being beginners, even ones that drool, life we can’t predict it keeps on coming daily problems charging at us like bull, everyone performing risky actions have several reasons for thing they pull, so don’t push out nasty thoughts without the knowledge of their hardships full, your feet in their sneakers may just knock you down, and you’ll be rolling to a dark hole a reality pool!

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