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Legs in position open like hall

Waiting in tremble for nerves to fall

Near the entrance stiff like doll

Traveling slowly but standing tall

As lips touch over tongues in brawl

It’s shopping like cart in mall

Filled with pleasures carrying ball

The pocketbook is ready for all

Both get ready to make first call

Fresh wet paint brand new wall

Slow and steady entry tight and small

Goosebumps rise once in stall

Toes curl while embraced in paw

Physical posture thrusting in crawl

The load keeps building overhaul

That amazing feeling of penetrating install

Creating succulent sounds at moist recall

Trading places moving like see-saw

Adventure leads to an oral sweet naw

Exercise promotes a strong jaw

The more practice the less theirs flaw

Diving into mental stimulation raw

Cum inside to help the brain resolve



Fingers tap on the shoulders keys

Can I steal you for a moment please?

In sign language knuckles are begging please!

No answer given by pressure at ease

Hands will forever wait without a feed

The silence breaks allowing force to lead

The fingers attack with muscles in need

Dancing all over suffocating with greed

Answers delivered in notes to read

The combinations result is filled seats

Ears start to smile receiving treat 

Tones follow each other in a line so neat 

Goosebumps are hatching standing a fleet

Towards the ending audience rise to feet 

Hands prepare to shower with a meet

Fingers gather strength for eager repeats

Silence is a battle won worth winning the complete



Allegedly number one is meant to be, Why does that number signify eligibility, What if my destination ends at three

Every soul created is intended to be unique

In my eyes number one i may view as obsolete

Odd numbers making me feel so incomplete, Because on as a whole is combined with each, That’s how a unit is formed with symbolic rings, The number one is helpful when judging placement in gaming leagues, In a lifelong commitment numbers don’t define human beings, The process involves connection, attraction, love and compatibility, Using numbers to establish your loves heart subtracts true destiny

What the heart does choose you cant control not even mentally, Stimulations is the bodies response to physical loves chemistry , Explaining what it’s like to fall in love results in difficulty , Because every person’s experience differs individually

In conclusion the heart is our branch holding emotions leaves.

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