Who is Poetta1990??

Hello world I am Iretta AKA Poetta1990 hence the year I was born. I love writing and it has always been my passion since the age of six. My favorite things to write are poetry and stories that are fiction. I love reading as well mainly about trending topics in society today, culture and horoscope forums. I am a humanitarian who loves helping those in need. Currently I am in the process of opening my own Non Profit organization called NOWKNOTL8R. Which is about helping my local homeless community by assisting them with free meals and gently used clothing. My organization is part of what has inspired me to start blogging. My goal is to generate more traffic to my non profit site @ nowknotl8r.com in order to receive helpful donations from all over and local volunteers. I am a member of the LGBT community and mother of seven beautiful children. I love meeting new people and my plans for this blog is to have open discussions about trending topics. Everyone is welcome to comment at anytime on my post I only ask that everyone remains respectful of others and to use appropriate language whenever publicly posting on my blog. I would love to collaborate with other non profit agencies and small business owners who are just getting started. I am open to allowing others to advertise on my blog with prior permission in order to generate more traffic. I strongly believe in supporting others and I am always available at my email on the contact section of my site. I will be posting my poetry daily with the hopes of helping others by providing stress free material and I hope that you all enjoy. Please share my link if you love the material!

Thank you


Author: POETTA90

I am a business owner, writer an animal lover. I enjoy making other people happy by giving back to the community any way possible. I love intellectual conversation and meeting new people. Dont be shy im here to talk if you need a friend! Thanks for visiting my site !

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